New Date! Grand Opening on 30 May 2020

Everything is in the air at the moment, but our preparations for the grand opening are in full gear

In challenging times, people need to stick together and show understanding. Due to the current situation, we had to move the opening until the end of May, until 30 May 2020 to be precise. However, we are planning to reduce the waiting time and open our doors step-by-step beginning on 1 May.

Soft opening beginning 1 May 2020

Our bar, a light version of our restaurant and a small part of our hotel will be available to you as of 1 May. We will continue to provide you with regular updates via our social media channels including Facebook and Instagram.

Our anticipation is great.

We began this year full of beans and were already fortunate to celebrate a wonderful bar event with you. But then unforeseeable events forced us to put our foot on the brakes a little. We are all clearly aware that health concerns are currently the focus of everybody’s daily routine. From the bottom of our hearts, we hope the situation will soon improve for all of us and we can slowly return to normal. We always see the glass as half full and will simply have to wait just a little bit longer until we are able to serve you our delicious drinks and meals again. As the saying goes, anticipation is sweet!

We look forward to May and spending countless beautiful hours together with you.

We wish continued good health to you all. Let’s stick in there just a little bit longer,
Your Villa Bulfon

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