Breakfast at Villa Bulfon

Delectable breakfasts from the region.

Lakeshore breakfasts on Wörthersee. When it comes to breakfasts, we set the bar very high. After all, there’s good reason why it is known as the most important meal of the day. That almost goes without saying, so allow us to add this one small piece of additional information: Many of our products come straight out of our own garden or from nearby suppliers who enjoy our complete trust. Reason enough, then, to sample and enjoy each delicious morsel!

Brunch on Saturday, Sunday & holidays from 10 AM until 12 noon

That said, our recipe for a good life begins with breakfast. When it comes to brunch, too, we are absolutely committed to regionality and products from our own garden. We do the baking ourselves, preserve jams just like grandma used to do it, and serve these products during brunch with pride. As an additional feature, we also have a separate menu with egg dishes and other specially created brunch dishes certain to get your mouthwatering.

You can enjoy our lunch on Saturday, Sunday and on holiday from 10 AM until 12 noon. Everybody is welcome, guests of our hotel as well as visitors who were unable to resist.