Specials for your summer holiday

Restore harmony to body and soul. Ooommm.

Closeness to nature is integral to who we are. And there is no more beautiful spot on Wörthersee to do yoga or CrossFit, or allow yourself to be pampered with a massage. Whether indoors or out, several times a week we offer relaxed sessions for our guests that are guaranteed to take you to a wonderful place.

Hiking in Carinthia.

We also have something exciting to offer guests who love to explore. Excursions on foot or by bicycle. Romantic or action-packed. Simply choose the tour that’s right for you.

Strong body & peaceful mind.

At Villa Bulfon, we live in harmony and want to share that with our guests. Including special offers such as ice baths, meditation, CrossFit and yoga, we feature a harmonious package that promises pure rejuvenation, inside and out.